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Colt 1911 (1918, pre-war Lanyard Ring Magazine)

Norwegian M.1914 WaA84

Mauser P.08 byf 41 "Black Widow"

Walther PP 1929 First Variation Ser.# 751452

Walther PP 1929 First Variation Ser.# 753951 and Instructionals

Walther PP 1929 Large Ring Hammer Variation Ser.# 761071

Walther PP PDM with 1941 Police Holster

Walther PP RFV Reichsfinanzadverwaltung (Reich Finance Administration)

Walther PP with 5 Digit Serial Number

Walther PP Persian Contract 9mm Kurz

Walther PP Swedish Contract (Factory Lanyard Loop, Lanyard, Holster)

Walther PP Danish Rigspolitiet (Rplt with Factory Lanyard Loop)

Walther PP RJ (Reichs Justiz Ministerium)

Walther PP E/WaA359 High Polish Blue (1941)

Walther PP E/WaA359 Military Blue (1941)

Walther PP Dural (Duraluminum Frame)

Walther PP Red Grips (Matching #ed Box, Cleaning Kit, Instruction Manual)

Walther PP Police E/C (Total Procurement: 2,000)

Walther PP Police E/F (Pressed Wood Grips)

Walther PP "ac" Code, One of the Last PP's from Zella-Mehlis (Red Grips)

Walther PPK Reichsbank (Pantograph, Painted Sights)

Walther PPK RZM Political Leader Grips and Grip Details

Walther PPK RZM (BOX Magazine, 90 Degree Safety)

Walther PPK Million Series with 7 Digit Serial Number (Holster, Capture Papers)

Walther PPK "W" Suffix Series

Walther PPK, Two Matching Numbered Mags (Last of C/N's made)

Walther PPK WaA359 (with SS, Schutzstaffel, Marking on Holster)

Walther PPK Police E/C {and Instructional on Fake E/L Marking}

Walther PPK WaA359 Gray Grips, German War-time Mismatch

Walther PPK Dural (Duraluminum Frame) & U.S. Troops Liberating Walther Plant

Walther PPK 22LR (Last 1000 made)

Walther Model 4 Matching Numbered Mag (Var.2)

Walther Model 4 Reichswehr "1920" (Var.3)

Walther Model 9 Police

Kommer 7.65 E/N Commercial War-time variant.

Mauser HSc Heer E/635

Mauser HSc Police E/L

Mauser HSc E/N (British Proofs)

Mauser HSc Kriegsmarine (Var. 4)

Mauser HSc Police E/F (Procurement: 2,500)

Mauser M.1914 Behorden Hamburg Police Unit Marked

Mauser M.1914 "Schupo Dz" Danzig Police Unit Marked (Matching Numbered Mag.)

Mauser M.1934 Police E/L Ser.# 572067 (Total of 500)

Mauser M.1934 Police E/L Ser.# 572255 (Total of 500)

Mauser M.1934 Heereswaffenamt E/655 High Polish

Mauser M.1934 Double Marked: Police E/L; Heer E/655 (Matching Numbered Mag. , Holster)

Mauser M.1934 Kriegsmarine

Mauser C96 Broomhandle "Red 9" Reichswehr 1920 (Matching Numbered Shoulder Stock)

Mauser C96 Broomhandle "Bolo" (Shoulder Stock)

Sauer 38H Police E/C, Two Matching Numbered Mags, Matching Numbered Holster

Sauer 38H Police E/C

Sauer 38H Late War White

Steyr-Pieper M.1908 Rework Unit Marked (Matched Numbered Magazine)

Steyr Hahn M.1911 Commercial (Adjustable Rear Sight)

Steyr Hahn M.1912 Police E/L Rework

Steyr Hahn M.1912 Royal Romanian Slotted for Shoulder Stock

Bodeo M1889 (Brescia 1890)

Beretta M.1934 RE Corto Italian Royal Army with Holster

Beretta M.1934 Italian Air Force with "AA" indexed Serial Number

Beretta CM with Company Letter, Brescia, Italia

Beretta 4UT

Beretta WaA162

Jap Type 26 (Koishigawa Factory/Kokura Arsenal)

Jap Baby Nambu, Matching Numbered Magazine, Holster (Koishikawa Arsenal)

Jap Type14; Matching #ed Mag, Holster, Cleaning Rod, Ammo (Nambu Factory/Nagoya Army Ordnance)

Jap Nambu Type 94 (Nagoya Arsenal, Matching Numbered Magazine)

Astra 300 Kurz WaA251 (Holster)

Astra 400 Wehrmacht Procurement

Astra 600 WaAD20 (Matching Numbered Magazine)

Astra 900 Wehrmacht Procurement (13th of 1050)

Star Model B WaA251 and Instructional on Fake WaA

CZ-24, Unit Marked w/ Lanyard Loop

CZ-27 WaA76 Norway Politi

CZ-27 WaA76 Police E/K (Duo Tone)

CZ-27 WaA76 (Green Phosphate)

CZ-38 Czech Military

CZ-38 WaA76 (P39t) and Instructionals: Field Stripping, or, Another Way To Die

CZ39 Bulgarian Military with Manual Safety

CZ Duo (1945, Holster)

Radom Slotted (VoPo Sunburst 18, WaA77, E/623, Polish Eagle on Barrel lug, Numbered Mag.)

Radom 2-Lever (WaA623, Magazine)

Frommer Stop M.19 Hungarian Military Unit Marked (Matching Numbered Magazine)

Femaru 29M Hungarian Military (Pink Grips: Eva Braun's Femaru)

Femaru 37M Hungarian Military

Femaru 37M WaA58 Nazi Luftwaffe (Matching Numbered Magazine)

FN Belgium M.1900

FN Belgium M.1906

FN Belgium M.1910 Assassination Pistol of WWI

FN M.1922 WaA140 (Matching Numbered Magazine)

FN HP35 Belgium (Tangent Sight, Wood Stock, ATF Docs)

FN HP35 WaA103 (Tangent Sight, Matching WaA Magazine)

Velo Dog with commercial E/N proofs

Inglis MK1* Canada (Chinese Contract, Tangent Sight, Wood Stock)

French M.1935A WaA251

French M.1935A Post-Liberation French Military or Police

French MAB-C (Commercial Export)

French MAB-D WaAD20

French Unique Kriegsmodell WaAD20

Nagant M.1985 Gas Seal Revolver (1939, Matching Numbered Cylinder)

Tokarev TT33 (Tula, 1937)

Rohm SA--Sturmabteilung Dagger with Full Rohm Inscription, scabbard, hanger.

Fallschirmjager Gravity Knife

Iron Cross 1st Class, Engraved to WW2 SS Nordland Panzergrenadier, Richard Sporle.

Model M-24 "Stiehlhandgranate". Fully matching. Rare factory double dated. Original Training Manual.